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Thank You Internet is a podcast celebrating internet culture and content creators. David W. Spencer and Michael Hunter discuss how the internet has shaped culture and created a culture of its own. We also interview YouTubers, podcasters, and a variety of other content creators in this sincere love letter to everything the internet has to offer.
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Thank You Internet is a podcast dedicated to highlighting everything the internet has to offer. We discuss internet culture and interview youtubers, podcasters, and other internet folks.

Dec 23, 2015
#028: Life Day! - A Star Wars-Themed Video Retrospective (W/ Bonus Force Awakens Spoilers Discussion)

We originally planned to talk about all of the Christmas-themed videos happening in 2015, but everything changed when a little film by the name of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" came out. Every content creator took to their creative minds to create a video for this celebration and David W. Spencer & Michael William Hunter are here to recap on some of the best ones! OH! Aaaaand we totally spoil the aforementioned Star Wars film with a discussion at the end... SPOILERS!! See you all in the new year!

Classic Star Wars videos:

Chad Vader: Episode 1 - BlameSocietyFilms:

TROOPS - Reuploaded by TheForce.Net:

Death Star Rap - Odin Eidolon:

Fett's Vette - Balgosa:

Vader Is Being a Jerk - skywalkerpotter21:

Star Wars Shortened - Cpt. Buck Ryan:

Star Wars Kid - Jim Love:


Best of 2015:

Kyle Shearrer Star Wars X-Mas - Universe Geek:

What if Star Wars Episode 3 Were Good? - Belated Media:

Star Wars Bad Lip Reading:

IV -

V -

VI -

How To Leak Star Wars - How To Basic:

Darth Vader Trolling - i8athumbtack:

Deadpool VS Boba Fett - Epic Rap Battles:

StarCade FINALE: The Holiday Special - JonTron:

Honest Trailers: Star Wars Episode 3 - ScreenJunkies:

Force Awakens Is Just Like Phantom Menace - CollegeHumor:

SPIDER-MAN vs DARTH MAUL - Super Power Beat Down - batinthesun:

50 AMAZING Star Wars Facts - McGoiter:

Introducing the Despecialized Editions and Its Sources - Harmy

Star Wars: Are Sith Really Evil? - Lanipator:

How Ken Burns would tell the story of Star Wars - Washington Post:

Guy Makes Real Lightsaber - DispatchViral?:

The Emotional Journey Of Watching 'Star Wars' With Your Kid for the First Time - HowToBeADad:

Hello (from the Dark Side) - RoyishGoodLooks:

Force Awakens Cast Sings "Star Wars" Medley - Jimmy Fallon:


Honorable Mentions:

Star Wars in 99 Seconds - Jon Cozart:

Is Jar Jar Binks a Sith Lord?? Crazy Theory Might Be True- Vincent H. Valentine:

The Star Wars Prequels are Secretly Genius - Enforcedstorm4:

Yoda Training the Jedi Cats - Maker World:

Sure, Why Not. - Everything Is Terrible:

Parenting After Star Wars - Brittlestar:

"Lost Star Wars Auditions" - Jeff Dunham:

The Jedi - Loose Canon - Nostalgia Chick:

All Star Wars Characters Have Stupid Names - College Humor:

Elders React to Star Wars VII - FineBros:

Why It's Crazy That Han Solo Doesn't Believe In The Force - Dorkly:

The Power of Star Wars Galactic Connections - Jamie Costa:

Is Dark Side the new Scientology? - AdjacentTV:


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