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Thank You Internet is a podcast celebrating internet culture and content creators. David W. Spencer and Michael Hunter discuss how the internet has shaped culture and created a culture of its own. We also interview YouTubers, podcasters, and a variety of other content creators in this sincere love letter to everything the internet has to offer.
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Thank You Internet is a podcast dedicated to highlighting everything the internet has to offer. We discuss internet culture and interview youtubers, podcasters, and other internet folks.

Oct 31, 2015
Special Report: Youtube Red Breakdown, with Vincent Kavanagh and Caleb Hyles

Youtube Red! It's a thing! With Youtube launching this new platform we needed a special episode breaking it down, and invited friends of the show Vincent Kavanagh from Youtube Explained (and our podcast) and Caleb Hyles (also from our podcast). We peel back how this affects viewers, creators, and ultimately the face of online content. 

Remember to check out our guests, and please support their patreon pages if you like their content. If you are invested in an artist, giving directly to them is the best way to keep their content going.


Caleb Hyles:


Vincent Kavanagh:

Oct 28, 2015
#020: Discussion on Social Media, with Lea Devon Sorrentino from Lea and the Internet

Absolutely incredible discussion on the nature of social media, how it affects social change, and how it affects artists. We're joined by the incredibly knowledgeable Lea Devon Sorrentino and start to scratch the surface of this massive topic. Such a great conversation! Go and check out Lea's podcast, 'Lea and the Internet', to hear more like it.

And now, Michael Hunter, with links.

Thank you, David. Nice work on the description.

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Oct 21, 2015
#019: Steele Saunders, from I Love Green Guide Letters and Steele Wars

I dOOOooo love Steele Saunders! Today we sit down with the amazing Australian podcaster and comedian for our longest episode yet. There was just too much good stuff in there. So hear some talk about comedy, Star Wars, the frustrations of having a glass half empty, and sincere thanks to the internet. This is not one to miss!


Steele Saunders:

David's episode on Steele Wars:

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Oct 14, 2015
#018: Michael Rousselet, Michael E. Peter, & Tomm Jacobson from 5 Second Films and Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

It's 5 second films! Today, we're talking to Michael Rousselet, Michael E. Peter, and Tomm Jacobson about what goes into their crazy internet videos, and the process of putting together their feature film, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3. Other topics include: porn, The Room, YouTube, tacos, Doug Benson, and their thoughts on Vine. Get ready to laugh!


{Due to the ending being all messed up, we gave a shout out to Gage, Mookers, Regis, and Sharon L. for either leaving us a comment or shooting us an email! You guys rock and I'm sorry your personalized thank you's got garbled.}


Michael Rousselet:

Michael E. Peter:

Tomm Jacobson:

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Oct 5, 2015

Hey guys, we had some more awesome content from our interview with the Comic Irregulars that we wanted to share but didn't have time for in the regular episode. So here it is! We talk about some of their other projects as well as some of their favorite board games. And here's links to all of that stuff!


Andrew Shellshear's Film Forensics:

Magic: The Gathering stuff, including Steven Irrgang's Goldfish Draft:

David Morgan-Mar's programming languages, in particular Piet:
Don't miss the Piet sample programs:

The CiSRA Puzzle Competition: