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Thank You Internet is a podcast celebrating internet culture and content creators. David W. Spencer and Michael Hunter discuss how the internet has shaped culture and created a culture of its own. We also interview YouTubers, podcasters, and a variety of other content creators in this sincere love letter to everything the internet has to offer.
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Thank You Internet is a podcast dedicated to highlighting everything the internet has to offer. We discuss internet culture and interview youtubers, podcasters, and other internet folks.

Dec 23, 2015
#028: Life Day! - A Star Wars-Themed Video Retrospective (W/ Bonus Force Awakens Spoilers Discussion)

We originally planned to talk about all of the Christmas-themed videos happening in 2015, but everything changed when a little film by the name of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" came out. Every content creator took to their creative minds to create a video for this celebration and David W. Spencer & Michael William Hunter are here to recap on some of the best ones! OH! Aaaaand we totally spoil the aforementioned Star Wars film with a discussion at the end... SPOILERS!! See you all in the new year!

Classic Star Wars videos:

Chad Vader: Episode 1 - BlameSocietyFilms:

TROOPS - Reuploaded by TheForce.Net:

Death Star Rap - Odin Eidolon:

Fett's Vette - Balgosa:

Vader Is Being a Jerk - skywalkerpotter21:

Star Wars Shortened - Cpt. Buck Ryan:

Star Wars Kid - Jim Love:


Best of 2015:

Kyle Shearrer Star Wars X-Mas - Universe Geek:

What if Star Wars Episode 3 Were Good? - Belated Media:

Star Wars Bad Lip Reading:

IV -

V -

VI -

How To Leak Star Wars - How To Basic:

Darth Vader Trolling - i8athumbtack:

Deadpool VS Boba Fett - Epic Rap Battles:

StarCade FINALE: The Holiday Special - JonTron:

Honest Trailers: Star Wars Episode 3 - ScreenJunkies:

Force Awakens Is Just Like Phantom Menace - CollegeHumor:

SPIDER-MAN vs DARTH MAUL - Super Power Beat Down - batinthesun:

50 AMAZING Star Wars Facts - McGoiter:

Introducing the Despecialized Editions and Its Sources - Harmy

Star Wars: Are Sith Really Evil? - Lanipator:

How Ken Burns would tell the story of Star Wars - Washington Post:

Guy Makes Real Lightsaber - DispatchViral?:

The Emotional Journey Of Watching 'Star Wars' With Your Kid for the First Time - HowToBeADad:

Hello (from the Dark Side) - RoyishGoodLooks:

Force Awakens Cast Sings "Star Wars" Medley - Jimmy Fallon:


Honorable Mentions:

Star Wars in 99 Seconds - Jon Cozart:

Is Jar Jar Binks a Sith Lord?? Crazy Theory Might Be True- Vincent H. Valentine:

The Star Wars Prequels are Secretly Genius - Enforcedstorm4:

Yoda Training the Jedi Cats - Maker World:

Sure, Why Not. - Everything Is Terrible:

Parenting After Star Wars - Brittlestar:

"Lost Star Wars Auditions" - Jeff Dunham:

The Jedi - Loose Canon - Nostalgia Chick:

All Star Wars Characters Have Stupid Names - College Humor:

Elders React to Star Wars VII - FineBros:

Why It's Crazy That Han Solo Doesn't Believe In The Force - Dorkly:

The Power of Star Wars Galactic Connections - Jamie Costa:

Is Dark Side the new Scientology? - AdjacentTV:


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Dec 16, 2015
#027: Heather Feather, ASMRtist

Today, we let the lovely Heather Feather introduce us to the world of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). For some, making videos that trigger tickling sensations through various sounds may seem strange, but rest assured that it’s worth looking into. We talk about the benefits and tactics of ASMR, the importance anonymity, and how ASMR has completely changed Heather’s life. Our most inspiring episode yet!!


Heather Feather ASMR:



Mostly Minutia: 013: Redheads


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Dec 9, 2015
#026: Brock Baker, the Man of a Kajillion Voices

Brock Baker truly is the man of a kajillion voices and he’s on this week’s episode of Thank You, Internet! With his famous impression videos, his appearances on Animeme and Yo Mama, as well as his infamous Brock’s Dubs, David and Michael have plenty to talk about. So, buckle up and listen in.


Brock Baker:




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Dec 2, 2015
#025: Kevin MacLeod, of Incompetech,

This week, David and Michael interview the infamous, talented Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech! You may have heard his music on various shows, commercials, and YouTube videos, but now let's dive into the man behind the music. Also, Michael talks Snapchat, David talks Jessica Jones, and they both talk too much. Did you expect anything less?


Kevin MacLeod:

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Whip-Pan Man:

The Mattress Ranch:


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